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Holding a higher standard
Simulated Game Shooting
  • High, driven pheasant
  • Driven partridges
  • Driven grouse
  • Pigeon/duck flighting
  • Flushes
Bespoke Game Shooting Tuition
Kingfisher is a family run company located in the Yorkshire Dales close to the town of Leyburn.
Kingfisher's core business is built around simulated game shooting using clay targets and suitable for corporate entertainment, large and small group of individuals, and both experienced or inexperienced shooters.
A particular speciality is bespoke tuition for the game shooter, designed to develop a stylish and optimum performance in the field.
Other services include approaches towards improving moorland habitat for red grouse and other wildlife, and small scale forestry management.
Contact:  [email protected]
Tel: 01969 625821. Mobile: 07810 098827
Moorland Management
  • Heather cutting - cut to burn
  • Bracken management
  • Re-seeding/spraying
  • Moorland recovery (vehicles/equipment)
Forestry Management
  • Chipping
  • Winching
  • Felling
  • Splitting
See details below:
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This video/audio is in development to provide you with a first hand experience of what Kingfisher has to offer!!

Simulated Game Shooting

"You've tried the rest, now try the best!"

Kingfisher's core business is built around a niche market for simulated game shooting using clay targets. The focus is on quality drives and challenging targets, designed for shooting enthusiasts who seek a close representation of the real thing. Be prepared for a real challenge and an outstanding experience.

 Drives are presented to cover:
  • High, fast, driven pheasant (60 - 80 yds)
  • Driven pheasant (35 - 45 yds) 
  • Driven partridges (simulating the classic grey partridge drive)
  • Driven Grouse (fast targets approaching the butts)
  • Duck flighting (variety of height, angle and speed, simulating flighting to decoys)
  • Flushes (always good fun for teams of guns in competition)
  • The degree of difficulty of each drive can be scaled to suit team ability.
Shooting takes place deep inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park in Wensleydale, overlooking the majestic Bolton Castle. We offer the most realistic, challenging and exciting drives in stunning countryside.

Corporate Days.
Allow us to organise a days shooting to meet your specific corporate requirements. Clay shooting can provide great entertainment and fun, be very competitive and prove an excellent medium for team building.
One thing it will be is 'different'.

Ladies Days.
Clay target shooting is becoming an activity for all. Increasingly, ladies are taking to the sport and days for groups of ladies are very popular.
Simulated Game Days.

Typical Itinerary (FULL PACKAGE):
Full English breakfast. The shoot captain will meet and greet, escort you to the shooting ground for a briefing and discussion on the content of the day. A safety briefing. Staff will be on hand to assist and advise if required.

Three drives in the morning.
Including elevensies: Sloegasam, tea, coffee, water.

 Buffet lunch on site: Selection of cold meats, smoked salmon, anchovies, garlic bread, game chips, sausage rolls, pies, quiche, selection of home made cakes, cheese/biscuits, drinks, tea/coffee, water. Alternatively, a delicious hot meal can be provided at a local hostelry.

Two drives in the afternoon.

Tea/coffee and home made cake to finish.

A Game Card will be presented to each Gun as a record of the day.

                               images courtesy of Matt Kidd - Fieldsports Magazine
Your event will be hosted by John and Emma Drummond who have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of shooting, including live and simulated game. John is a fully qualified APSI (Assoc. of Professional Shooting Instructors) coach.
It is important that we are made aware of novice or inexperienced guns,as they will require a minder or instructor.
Instructors or minders can be supplied at an extra cost.
Any novice or inexperienced gun without an instructor or minder will not be able to shoot.
​It is essential to wear ear protection and safety glasses, head protection and gloves are also recommended.
Please can you ensure you have sufficient liability insurance, if not this is available from BASC,CPSA and the NGO.
Also, please ensure you have your current shotgun certificate with you.
You will also have to sign a document to state that you as an individual are not prohibited under section 21 of the firearms act.

Our simulated game days are bespoke and we can arrange the day to suit your requirements.
16 gun day (teams and individual guns welcome): packages from £160 + VAT per gun.

8 gun team day: packages from £260 + VAT per gun.

Additional hospitality charge for non-shooting friends/family, please enquire for details. 

Note that it is the day that is let not a price per gun. If the number of guns shooting reduces from the original, there will be no reduction in cost.
A non-refundable deposit required, to secure the day.

We also offer double gun days , experienced loaders can be supplied,at extra cost.
Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements and the tailored cost (contact details, above/left).
Click to see video: https://youtu.be/VnrtDH0HfcY

Please be aware that shooting takes place within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and an area of high conservation value.

We therefore require that only FIBRE WAD cartridges are used. A maximum of 28 gram and 6.5 to 8 shot size, with 24 gram 7.5 shot recommended. 

Please bring 300 to 500 catridges per gun.

image courtesy of Matt Kidd - Fieldsports Magazine 
Contact: [email protected]
Tel: 01969 625821 Mobile: 07810 098827
Yorkshire Dales and
Bolton Castle, Wensleydale.
Shoot Calendar 2018:
June: 10th; 16th; 17th; 23rd; 24th; 30th.

July: 1st; 7th; 8th; 14th; 15th; 21st; 22nd. 

FIBRE WAD cartidges only please.

REVIEW of Kingfisher Simulated Game via GunsOnPegs.
by Mr Craig McKay on 5 February 2017:

Star ratings:
  • Accuracy of shoot description: 6 / 6
  • Speed of response to initial enquiry: 6 / 6
  • The welcome on the day: 6 / 6
  • Clarity of the overage / underage policy: 6 / 6
  • Quality of shoot staff: 6 / 6
  • Quality of birds: 6 / 6
  • Volume of birds: 6 / 6
  • Overall value of the day: 6 / 6
  • Refreshments on arrival: 6 / 6
  • Elevenses: 6 / 6
  • Lunch/Dinner: 6 / 6
  • Tea: 5 / 6
Review text:
'This is a cracking day out but be prepared to put some lead up there. Expect to shoot between 300 and 400 cartridges. The clays are relentless and superbly presented. The shoot is based in a quarry with a high cliff face as a unique feature. The terrain provides plenty of opportunity for simulation of high pheasant, fast partridge and grouse. John arranged a minder for my wife who was trying out her first days shooting after having lessons on the local clay ground. I thought that this was a perfect introduction to driven game and look forward to her company on live game days next season. In the mean time I am sure we will be back for further practice, experience but mainly because its just a really good day out with excellent hosts John and Emma Drummond.'

Would recommend this shoot to a friend: Yes

images courtesy of Matt Kidd - Fieldsports Magazine​

REVIEW of Kingfisher Simulated Game via GunsOnPegs.
by Mr Chris Messom in 2017:

Star ratings:
  • Accuracy of shoot description: 6 / 6                      
  • Speed of response to initial enquiry: 6 / 6
  • The welcome on the day: 6 / 6
  • Clarity of the overage / underage policy: 6 / 6
  • Quality of shoot staff: 6 / 6
  • Quality of birds: 6 / 6
  • Volume of birds: 6 / 6
  • Overall value of the day: 6 / 6
  • Refreshments on arrival: 6 / 6
  • Elevenses: 6 / 6
  • Lunch/Dinner: 6 / 6
  • Tea: 6 / 6
Review text:
'Absolutely 10 - 10 , Emma was the perfect host coupled with Bill and John's expertise the day was an absolute joy. I would very highly recommend this . I shot 750 cartridges - if i could load faster it would have been 1000+ I'll be back !!!'
Would recommend this shoot to a friend: Yes

by Mr John Bruijnooge in 2017:
Review text:
Kingfisher shoot was amazing. I could have never thought simulated shoots could be so close to real shooting. I shot 425 times that day, very well and challenging clays presented, fast, high, low.. All of them. Very well organized and taken care of by the Drummonds. Thanks for a great day.
Would recommend this shoot to a friend: Yes


"Having shot with Kingfisher on several occasions , I can say that they lay on a superb day with very challenging targets and great hospitality . A real sharpener for the coming game season."
Tim Bush
"Just had the most fantastic day shooting amazing clays. They certainly make you 'raise your game' .
Headed up to Wensleydale to start the day with a cooked breakfast and to meet the rest of the team and draw pegs at the Bolton Arms in Redmire.
We then drove on to the ground for some fast, furious and challenging shooting set against the backdrop of stunning scenery. Today consisted of 5 drives, French Partridge, High pheasant, mixed pheasant, grouse and a duck flush.
This is definitely the place to sharpen those skills and get your pre -season eye in.
Although the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, safety is paramount and after our initial briefing at breakfast John reiterated all the safety aspects to the guns.
The hosting, hospitality and friendliness are fantastic and every care is taken to ensure the guns have an enjoyable, exciting day.
Thank you John, Emma, Bill and the rest of the team for ensuring every one had a marvellous time"
Mrs. Patricia Bush. 26th June 2016.
"Spent this Sunday shooting on Kingfisher Simulated Games shoot in North Yorkshire, in a team of 12 guns. 
From arriving to departing the hospitality was excellent, The drives were laid out to offer a varied display of birds from Grouse to high and very high pheasants making the day equally enjoyable and testing for both the novice and experienced guns among us. 
The setting high in the hills of Wensleydale  only added to what was a very enjoyable days shooting. 
I would highly recommend this shoot, and suggest you book a date before they all go. Well done to John and the team of Kingfisher Simulated Game and THANK YOU"

​Mike Grayson

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank John and the rest of The Kingfisher team for putting on a fantastic day yesterday,  Having shot simulated clay days all over the north of England I can confirm that these days are professionally run with first class catering and a variety of simulated game targets to match or better the rest !!  This place really takes simulated game shooting to a whole new level,  The high pheasant and Grouse butt drives really stand out. I would not hesitate to recommend Kingfisher to anybody who wants the challenge of top class simulated game shooting in the summer at a fabulous location.
I for one will definitely be back !!!
Thanks Again.

​Max Smith

​"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Kingfisher Simulated Team, for an amazing day spent there on the 17th August 2016 ,from the hospitality to the high quality of the targets.
Having shot the very best shoots throughout the world, the quality of Kingfisher will match and better most, I for one enjoyed the day as much as the best game day !!
My wife, the team and I, look forward to our next Simulated Game Day with John @ Kingfisher.
Ian Kirk.

Bespoke Game Shooting Tuition
"Frequent misses can be downright frustrating, especially if they are of the so-called 'unexplained' variety."
"When I am shooting well, I couldn't tell you all the specifics of my technique. Things just seem to fall into place without concious effort"
The importance of focusing on the target and allowing your brain to put the barrel where it needs to go cannot be stressed enough. 
The basic advice "Head on stock, eye on the target" covers the two most essential rules of hitting a moving target using a shotgun.
Moving the gun in time with the target is the often overlooked third essential. Moving the gun too fast is a mysterious and frustrating cause of missing. Slowing your hands down can be a magical cure. 
You have to trust your natural instincts. Your hands and eyes know what to do. You don't miss your mouth when you eat and your eyes tell you where to steer your car.

Tuition and Coaching.

You owe it to yourself, companions and the live game you shoot to be efficient and consistent.

As with most hand-eye based activities, efficiency and consistency suffer through lack of practice and bad habits begin to develop. Most people would benefit from a period of tuition and high quality coaching, game shooting is no different.
John Drummond of Kingfisher, has over 40 years experience of game shooting. John shot his first grouse at the age of eight under the supervision and guidance of his father. Between the age of fourteen and thirty his game shooting skills were further developed and honed through association with Mr. Hugh van Cutsem, probably the finest game shot of his generation.
John is now available to pass on his knowledge and skill to other game shooters.  
 Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 01969 625821 Mobile: 07810 098827

 "I have known John Drummond for over 40 years. Over our long association I have had the opportunity to observe, question and utilise his knowledge and skill. John's style, efficiency and consistency with a shotgun is remarkable, but safety the first priority.
Individual performance is one thing, the ability to engage with, transfer knowledge and develop sound technique from complete novices to more experienced shooters is quite another.
I experienced at first hand his skill in placing someone at ease, assessing ability and coaching basic principles to improve performance beyond expectation.
M.J.C., Inverness-shire. 
The challenge of coaching a shooting guest on a busy Yorkshire moor, using double guns, within the confines of a grouse butt, whilst applying corrective advice and always enforcing safety rules is something John handles with great skill and sensitivity."
M.J.C., Inverness-shire. 

"I have been shooting for many years, but lack confidence when it comes to game shoots. John stood with me on all the drives during a recent shoot and supported me in my gun handling and bird selection, and helped me to improve my shooting style immensely.
His professional yet friendly approach served to ease my nerves and allowed me to enjoy my day thoroughly. I felt that his methods of coaching, a combination of sound advice on shooting technique and positive encouragement without too much interference, allowed me to progress as a shot during the drives.
I would highly recommend John to anyone looking for shooting tuition or help on a game shoot!"
Emma Wade.
"I would like to give my personal recommendation of John Drummond for his skills in shotgun shooting instruction. Owning and working German Shorthaired Pointers, it has always been my dream to be able to shoot over my dogs. However, instruction in the past had failed to help me with both my confidence and my shooting style.
John Drummond instructed me during 2009-2010 and I found his style of instruction professional yet personable. He successfully assessed where I was going wrong and was able to patiently correct my shooting style which, as a result, increased my confidence in my shooting ability.
John has an extremely approachable and encouraging manner and made me feel at ease throughout his instruction. In addition, he was very conscientious about shotgun safety and having passed this onto me, has further added to my confidence in the field.
I am now looking forward to the grouse season so I can put all Johns’ hard work into practice!"
Dr Lois Canham, Sutherland.
"When I met John Drummond I could hold my own in most company in the field. I was happy with my shooting ability until I saw him in action. A more deadly or stylish shot you would rarely meet.
He combines this outstanding ability with first class instructional technique and an easy going personality to improve his student’s shotgun skills to a remarkable extent. I have benefitted from a course of instruction with him and regularly have brush up sessions. I still aspire to his level of ability but I am at least getting there. (It would be immodest to say more!).
I would highly recommend anyone wishing to improve their shooting to put themselves in his capable hands both on the clay range and in the field."
William Lewis
Retired RAF Instructor Examiner and Weaponeer
Kingfisher's bespoke tuition programme is designed to turn the competent-to-good game shot into an outstanding game shot.

Shooting is based on a few fundamental principles which, once mastered, can be honed through style and technique to produce outstanding and consistent performance.

Contact Kingfisher to discuss your specific requirements and bespoke cost:

[email protected]

Tel: 01969 625821
Mobile: 07810 098827

Master Class:
​High, Crossing Pheasant
(click/tap screen for enlarged version)
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Demonstrating both style and technique:
the key to success

Crosshatched cutting creates huge quantities of potential fires which can be lit from any angle under any weather conditions.
Opening up dense stands of mature heather with long, narrow passageways allows grouse to use the moor more evenly, reducing concentrations that would attract disease and predators.
Heather Cutting
Bracken Management
Bracken has the ability to smother more sensitive habitats, such as heather moorland.
Bracken litter provides an ideal moist, warm habitat for sheep ticks and the spread of bracken has been linked to a perceived increase in tick numbers.
Sheep ticks spread diseases that, in addition to affecting birds, wild and domestic livestock, can also be transmitted to people (e.g. Lyme disease) and pets.
The carcinogenic properties of the bracken spores can also put people at risk through inhalation and drinking water carrying the spores
We are able to offer Bracken control , with tractor mounted sprays covering over 18 metres at a single pass, also follow up work with weed wipes.

Burning heather has become politically loaded around the climate change agenda. The most interesting area of progress has been away from burning, where cutting is becoming a managment tool in its own right.
When heather plants become too old, the regrowth is slower and sparser from the stick. In ideal cutting conditions, a comparatively brisk management rotation keeps everything short, young and productive.
Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to use different cutting techniques to maximize productivity on your moors, benefitting both grouse and waders alike, sensitive to all the upland ecology.
Use cutting to manage heather for black grouse, and the results can be very impressive in terms of vegetation regrowth and 'edge habitat'. 
Whether it is making firebreaks, linking fires or micro-managing grouse habitat, cutting is opening up a whole world of possibilities.
Moorland Recovery
Recovery of stranded equipment using 10 tonne winches.
For free-of-charge quotation contact:
[email protected]
Tel: 01969 625821
Mobile: 07810 098827


  • 230 X 1/4 ACRE BLOCKS IN 2.5 DAYS
  • SPEED: 4km PER HOUR 


Using our experience in the shooting world enables us to advise on amenity work throughout your shoot, improving drives and shooting stands by felling and skidding out timber, wind blows, thinning and chipping those troublesome rhododendrons etc. an overall makeover! 

For free-of-charge quotation contact:
[email protected]    
Tel: 01969 625821.   Mobile:  07810 098827